9/11 Memorial rolls into town

9/11 Memorial truck rolls into town
9/11 Memorial truck rolls into town(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 10:53 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The 1100 square foot 9/11 memorial exhibit was escorted by police and combat veterans as it rolled into town Thursday morning.

“We had a little opportunity to escort this trailer in today. We found out it was coming to Cheyenne, they asked for a little assistance. Our guys jumped on their bikes and did a little escort in. This is a tribute to 9/11, one of the toughest parts of our american history. A lot of us are veterans because of that, for serving during that time frame. So it was our pleasure and our honor,” said Matt Jones, President of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

The Stephen Siller, Tunnel to Tower Foundation, was started by Frank the older brother of Stephen to commemorate the loss of his brother and all first responders who gave their lives that day.

“When you first come in to our display, it brings you back to that day, and everyone that was alive you know exactly where you were that day. But my saying is, out of tragedy comes something good, and out of that tragic day, came this foundation, and for the work that we do for our heroes.” Bill Puckett, Tour Manager, Stephen Siller, Tunnel to Tower Exhibit.

The exhibit has rubble from 9/11, parts of destroyed fire trucks, facts about the towers, and includes time-stamped actions of the first responders that day. Two New York firemen will be joining the exhibit to help give tours and share their stories.

The Stephen Siller foundation is established to help critically injured first responders, military and gold star servicemen and women and the needs of their families.

" We have a goal of getting a million people to donate 11 dollars a month and if that happens there will not be a veteran without a home, a first responder or gold star family thats not taken care of,” said Puckett.

The display will be set up at Depot Plaza from 10- 4 on Friday and from 9 to 4 on Saturday until Monday.

The CEO will also be holding a run next month to raise money for their foundation.

“Frank Siller our CEO, Stephen Siller’s older brother, he’s starting a walk on saturday morning on Aug, 1st. He’s walking from the Pentagon to Shanksville, then to Ground Zero. He will be going through the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel on Sept. 11th this year, at the same exact time that his brother Stephen ran through it 20 years ago,” said Puckett.

“Wyoming is such a long distance away from new york from where this all occurred, but it still effected this whole nation. So i’d like all the memebers and people around here to come out and see part of what actually happened that far away from us but still affected us here,” said Matt Jones, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

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