Wyoming Game and Fish shares snake information for summer

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 5:24 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Wyoming Game and Fish has heard of more rattlesnakes being in Natrona County this summer. Drought-like conditions across Central Wyoming are bringing snakes out and about.

The Wyoming Game and Fish department does not actively monitor snake populations, however, reports and rumors of rattlesnakes have seemed to increase this summer.

“People might be seeing more rattlesnakes this year because it’s kind of a drought year. It’s dry out there and when that happens they’re just we are. They want to be where there is more moisture. So place like golf courses where there’s lots of water being used and there’s also a lot of people out so those are places people are likely going to be seeing more snakes,” said Janet Milek, the Public Information Specialist for Wyoming Game and Fish.

Water sources, such as the North Platte River, can also attract snakes during drought seasons. According to Game and Fish, the tall grass in those cooler areas can be a perfect hiding spot.

“People just need to be aware of the natural habitat of snakes. We have a lot right here in Casper. We have a lot of really great rock piles snakes like to hide under during the day when it’s a little bit cooler, or they may be denning. Just keep in mind when you’re out and about you’re wearing long pants or cowboy boots or hiking boots are always a good idea. Keep your eyes and ears out,” said Milek.

If you find yourself walking on a path this summer that has logs or rocks, Wyoming Game and Fish recommends taking extra precautions when stepping over those. Simply step on the object with both feet, secure yourself, then step off one food at a time far enough so nothing can strike from underneath it.

“The Game and Fish just wants to remind people that if you do encounter a snake, slowly back away. Often times, injury or a bite occurs when you do try to remove or kill the snake.”

If you encounter a snake near your home that needs to be removed, contact Metro Animal Shelter.

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