The Public Safety Communication Commission will discuss the future of emergency response

What technology may mean for first responders
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 6:44 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Public Safety Communication Commission (PSCC) will be having their quarterly meeting Wednesday, and they’ll be discussing the future of emergency response.

The PSCC meeting will vote on new joining entities to their agencies, new members, and updates to expansions of the network, including 16 additional towers to improve emergency capacity across the state.

“We’ve really built individual towers, state towers, but then were also working with internet service providers for high-capacity fiber connectivity. So it’s all coming together like never before,” said Troy Babbitt, Chief Technology Officer of WYDOT.

Their agency includes all emergency public state entities and acts as an advisor in oversight, guidance planning and implementation of emergency communication systems in Wyoming, specifically, the WYO-Link radio network.

WYO-Link serves over 500 agencies, with 16,000 users, and received over 12 million calls on their system last year. But the PSCC wants to expand its network into “First Net” and become a “next generation 911”.

Currently, 911 only works in radio and texting technology, which does not function equally across the state. This is why until recently radio technology in WYO-Link has been so critical.

" That next generation that’s going to allow for high-capacity broadband, so your images, video images, texting, all of the capacity that the citizens are used to right now as far as communicating and reaching out for emergency response.”

With improved connectivity in high-capacity broadband, people would send images of emergency situations to responders and responders to their headquarters.

Each department would be responsible for its own subscription through “first net” cell technology.

This could potentially revolutionize the way emergency agencies function and who they can help.

“It’s all about saving lives, and that’s what this system does and that’s what the PSCC is responsible for and that we all strive to make sure that we have the responsibility to make sure the system works to save lives,” said troy babbitt

No final decisions will be made in this meeting, but progress on this matter will be ongoing.

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