Wyoming State Library celebrates dinosaurs and its history

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 6:53 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - After a long lockdown, the Wyoming State Museum is celebrating its first in-person event with kids and dinosaurs.

Wyoming state museum has their first dino day back in person this weekend, Saturday 10a to 2 pm where they will be celebrating all things dinosaurs.

“Every single month, January through December, there something fun going on at the museum,” said Jeremy Thornbrugh, Curator of Education of the Wyoming State Museum.

Admission for everyone is free for this event. There will be crafts for kids, fossilized bones, and a field of dinosaurs posts where kids can measure themselves against these tall beasts.

There will also be food trucks for Mom and Dad. The University of Wyoming will also stop by with a paleobotanist, and the Geological Service is bringing some touchable fossils.

Wyoming State Museum is important for preserving and educating people about Wyoming’s history, and they have been serving the community for 125 years.

The museum’s job isn’t just about collecting artifacts from the past but also collecting things from our present.

" We are making history right now. During the COVID pandemic we were collecting a lot of masks, testing kits, hand sanitizer bottles and sign from different local restaurants...When the beer breweries were making hand sanitizer, we collected some of that, “said Thornbrugh.

These efforts are made to ensure Wyoming knows its history in the future. The two divisions within the museum of collections and education make sure they are curating things from the past and documenting things that are happening now. What the public sees is only 5% of the collection.

" It may not go on exhibit now but in 2112 I think people will really love to see what people were wearing, what was in our homes, what video games we were playing today, because today is history as well...Our collections wing is working non-stop for 125 years, collecting Wyoming’s history to make sure the future generations can see this stuff.”

Wyoming State Museums events are free and kid-friendly, and they are accepting donations of relics or significant historical remnants all the time.

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