Excessive Heat to the Northwest United States

A quick discussion on the heat wave tormenting the Northwest corner of the U.S.
Updated: Jun. 28, 2021 at 11:45 AM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Heat waves are one of the many dangerous meteorological phenomenon’s that can occur globally. To simply describe a heat wave, it is a period of above average temperatures within a category that is abnormal to a particular area. Heat waves typically last more than two days at a time. These waves of heat generally cover a broad area of land. Temperatures in heat waves are typically so above normal, that it becomes hard for accommodations to take place quickly. This type of heat can cause severe consequences to the body and to surrounding communities effected. There are several heat related illnesses caused by such extreme temperatures, such as heat cramps and exhaustion.

The Northwest corner of the United States is currently experiencing a record breaking heat wave today and the past couple of days. The extreme temperatures are getting trapped within an area of high pressure and an amplified upper-level ridge caused by the jet stream. With the jet stream being blocked on both sides by low pressure systems, this area over the northwest has not budged much the past several days. Other Climatologists and Meteorologists are calling this an event that one would only see every 1,000 years.

A record breaking heat wave has been over the NW corner of the US for several days.
A record breaking heat wave has been over the NW corner of the US for several days.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Temperatures in the Northwest have been record breaking. Many cities have seen their high temperatures reach well into the 100s, some even pushing past 110 degrees. Portland, Oregon broke its previous record of 108 with its new record of 112 degrees, this past Sunday. This is the first event on record where Seattle has had multiple consecutive days of triple digit temperatures. Temperatures like these are sure to put out several warnings. The Northwest is covered in warnings and watches. The top three to note are the Excessive Heat Warnings, Red Flag Warnings, and Heat Advisories put out by the National Weather Service. People in these areas are having to be creative when it comes to keeping cool. Like many areas in the western portion of the country, several residents and businesses do not have A/C units to help cool things off. Many people are having to freeze wash rags, take cold showers, and in some extreme occasions, some are traveling away from the heat.

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