Downtown restaurants talk about the impacts of the labor shortage

The sign on Sanford's door on Monday June 22, 2021.
The sign on Sanford's door on Monday June 22, 2021.(Will Thomas)
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 7:13 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Like many businesses in the Cheyenne community, the summertime is the busy season for Sanford’s and 2 Doors Down. This summer looks a little different though, as both are having to make adjustments due to the labor shortage.

“You drive around town, everybody is hiring. Particularly in our segment of the more entry level, kind of transitional type business. A lot of high school and college kids that we depend on, and have depended on in the past, we’re just not getting a lot of that unfortunately,” said 2 Doors Down Owner and Operator, Jerry Inniss.

It’s not just 2 Doors Down though, Sanford’s is also seeing a drop in applicants.

“The volume that we’ve seen has definitely decreased and it’s kind of turned into do they meet the qualifications? Okay, let’s see if we can get them started and hope that they can deal with the crazy, because they’re kind of helping us get rid of some of that stress,” said Sanford’s Manager, Reanna Myers.

Being short staffed and having longer wait times are two of the main challenges each restaurant is seeing. But both restaurants are also having to make sure they are not overworking the staff they currently have.

“It’s just been stressful trying to get the help that we need and get the employees, who have been working so incredibly hard, they’re days off so that they’re not burnt out too. Because we don’t want to exhaust our good help,” said Myers.

“It is challenging, it is stressful on the people that are coming to work. They’re putting in a lot of hours, they’re putting in a lot of days, so it makes it a little bit more challenging and we have to try and be careful of not burning them out,” said Inniss.

Both restaurants will continue giving every guest the best experience they can. Despite these challenges, the restaurants also appreciate the community for always being there to support them.

For more information on Sanford’s, you can head to its Facebook here. For more information on 2 Doors Down, you can head to its website here.

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