CNFR superfan continues family tradition each rodeo

Updated: Jun. 20, 2021 at 11:52 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - While the athletes’ heart and competitive spirit were impressive at the College National Finals Rodeo, one fan stood out among the rest.

Dr. Daniel Jones is a podiatrist in Casper, and he’s also a die-hard CNFR fan. Every night of the rodeo he could be spotted in the front row with a new cast of characters by his side each night.

Dr. Jones was passionately cheering for every athlete when they succeeded and providing encouragement when things didn’t go someone’s way, too. He also could be seen providing rodeo lessons and expertise to other fans young and old throughout the week.

He’s been a CNFR season-ticket holder for the past five years, and for him, attending the rodeo is part of continuing a family legacy.

“My wife’s dad was kind of a true cowboy. He was a ranch hand his whole life, and he loved the rodeo,” said Jones in an interview from the Ford Wyoming Center seats on Saturday. “He’d come to the rough stock on Sunday and come as many nights during the week that he could, and he passed away, unfortunately, a few years ago, but you know, we kind of carry on that tradition.”

He also said that rodeo is the “embodiment of the Wyoming spirit.” His favorite event is bull riding, but it kind of depends who he is watching with, too.

“If I’m with my daughter, she’s really into barrel racing. I love barrel racing,” said Jones. “It’s really exciting, and it’s just you against the clock, and it’s super-fast, and these girls just go out there and hang it all on the line.”

For Jones, next year’s College National Rodeo Finals can’t come soon enough.

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