Finishing the Week with a Break from the Heat

June 11th, 2021
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 11:44 AM CDT
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Thursday was a very active day with strong storms that formed late in the Nebraska Panhandle and far Eastern Wyoming as well as powerful winds that dominated the state much of the day. On top of that the summer heat wave continued with highs in the upper 80s and into the mid 90s with a few fires that broke out in Casper. Luckily the Casper EMS was able to put them all out. Now things have calmed down and cooled off as we head into the second weekend of June.

A cold front that passed through Thursday evening and overnight brought strong winds to Eastern Wyoming during the overnight hours Thursday and into Friday morning along with much cooler conditions to kick the day off. Temperatures for many places around the state were 20+ degrees colder this morning than they were to start Thursday, and for this afternoon there are no heat advisories, severe weather threats, or elevated wildfire threats due to wind or heat. We are expecting some casual breezes in the middle of the state, but nothing crazy. Of course there are still risks for wildfires due to the worsening drought conditions around the state, but they are much lower than they were during the afternoon hours of Thursday or Tuesday.

Wyomingites should try to enjoy the pleasant weather Friday while it is here, as another heat wave even hotter than the last one is coming in over the weekend with some highs in the 90s returning as early as Saturday afternoon. There isn’t the wind expected with them this go around, however over the next several days as this heat wave anchors in over the western US rain will be extremely hard to come by and drought conditions will continue to worsen. This will unfortunately cause a rise in wildfire potential. It’s going to be weather that encourages Wyomingites to hit the water, whether that be to fish or to spend some time in the pool to cool off. UV indices going into the weekend are of extreme values (11+) however, so lots of sunblock should be used and exposure to direct sunlight during the middle of the day should be limited as much as possible.

Temperatures will be in the upper 90s for a good portion of Eastern and Central Wyoming by Sunday afternoon and triple digits are in the forecast for many locations by Monday as high pressure locks in over the area. The heat is expected to last through the bulk of next week with very scarce opportunity for rain. As of now it looks like the next opportunity for some relief from the heat will come sometime late next week or into next weekend.

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