Wyoming Department of Education buses and Chapter 2

Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 5:22 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -If you care about kids riding safely on a school bus, then you’ll care about the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) and chapter 2.

Chapter 2 regulates the standards and safety features of school buses nationally and state level. These regulations are revised every few years to stay current on needs and safety standards.

Any revisions are done between the National School Transportation Specifications and procedures Wyoming department of education and the Pupil’s Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) for rules, best practices, and safety features.

Just that our focus is student safety and efficient transportation operations across the state and we’re here to support school districts in any way that we can.

Trent Carroll- Chief operations Officer - WDE

Legislature guides what features are added into a “base bus configuration,” and PTAC incorporates additional features necessary for Wyoming weather and topography.

These additional features add cost to the base model bus. Some of these features include transmission retarders to make brakes safer.

Tire chains to stop buses on icy roads and auxiliary heaters to kids and drivers warm through Wyoming winters.

Through the Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association, these additional features are put through a competitive bidding process lead by statute. The state then re-reimburses the difference in cost for the additional features necessary for Wyoming kids.

Our end goal is safer travel for the kids. When we incorporate things like transmission exhaust, engine retarders, then we know that we’re providing what school districts need to provide that safer travel, which is ultimately our end goal.

Justin Arnold- WY Pupil Transportation Director- WDE

Each state can make specifications for their district school buses since road and weather challenges differ from state to state. Equaling more costs, but safer kids.

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