Icky Monday Filled with Rain and Snow Starts the Second Week of May

May 10th, 2021
A low pressure system in Colorado has brought winter weather back into southeastern Wyoming,...
A low pressure system in Colorado has brought winter weather back into southeastern Wyoming, dropping temperatures into the low and mid 30s. Its influence is expected to be felt through Tuesday.(KGWN)
Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 12:06 PM CDT
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Things may have been warming up lately, but we just can’t seem to get away from that winter weather. May is still one of the spring months, and the spring months in Wyoming typically have at least one snowstorm. Fortunately for those who are sick of the snow it is reserved to only a portion of the state, and large accumulation amounts are unlikely. And whether you like the snow or not, this will continue to help the drought conditions around the state.

Rain during the overnight hours quickly shifted to snow early this morning in Cheyenne and Laramie, and for the most part will remain as a form of wintry precipitation throughout the day. As the afternoon hours draw on, however, the big clumps of heavy snow we were seeing early on have subsided, and a sleet has taken over in the southeastern corner of the state instead. Places like Pine Bluffs in far Southeast Wyoming are still seeing rain, as temperatures have remained warm enough to prevent the shift to wintry precipitation.

Further north in places like Casper, Douglas, and Riverton the precipitation will be more scattered this afternoon and should remain as rain instead of snow. Temperatures outside of Laramie and Albany Counties are expected to climb into the mid to upper 40s with some 50s expected in the northernmost counties of the state this afternoon. One thing to note about Central and Western Wyoming: tracking precipitation activity over the next several days will be difficult as the radar in Riverton undergoes maintenance. That includes today.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon there is a chance that Cheyenne could see the snow shift back into a cold rain. This would likely occur after the lunchtime hours ahead of the dinnertime hours and would only be temporary. Laramie will likely not see any sort of shift back into rain; the higher elevations allow for snowfall at slightly warmer temperatures and also keep the overall temperature just a bit cooler. Snow activity is expected to become more widespread during the overnight hours when temperatures for much of the state approach and drop below the freezing point. While snow activity could be come more widespread overnight, overall precipitation activity is expected to lighten up before it picks up again in the morning.

Expect snow in many areas of Eastern and Central Wyoming to kick things off on Tuesday before temperatures warm up for most locations, including Cheyenne, see a shift back into rain. Precipitation is expected to be more scattered in nature on Tuesday with the bulk of this event taking place today. Also, any rain/snow received on Tuesday will not be reflected on this weeks drought monitor released Thursday at 6:30 am MDT, however anything that falls before 6:00 am tomorrow morning will be factored in.

By tomorrow night pretty much all rain/snow activity should subside, and the clouds should begin to break up a bit on Wednesday. Cheyenne is expected to accumulate between 4-6 inches of snow between now and Wednesday morning with Laramie closer to 3. Warmer temperatures will finish the week as a more summer-like pattern sets in, allowing for scattered thunderstorms to pop up during the afternoon and evening hours most days beginning this weekend and into next week.

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