The University of Wyoming to fully re-open for more ‘traditional’ Fall Semester following pandemic year

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 7:48 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The upcoming Fall 2021 Semester will bear a closer resemblance to school years past, following the pandemic disrupting 2020-2021 University operations. The students of 2020 experienced a different college year than most; having part-time in-person courses and mostly all online courses.

The campus is usually packed with thousands of students walking, biking or running to classes. This year, the campus has seen a sharp decline in student presence, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions.

The upcoming semester is being designed ‘like a traditional school year’, according to University representatives. Fall 2021 will have less restrictions, for the most part.

“We will be much more of a traditional semester than we have been the past three semesters. In-person classes scheduled at full capacity, fewer restrictions than we have now, and starting May 8th, our masking restriction will only apply to indoors. We are not sure if that will remain in place for Fall yet or not,” said Chad Baldwin, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the University.

Students will not have to take twice-weekly COVID-19 tests. In addition, restrictions on sporting events and gatherings will ease and be held at full-capacity.

“Students come here to have an in-person experience, and so that is what we intend to deliver. The trustees used the term ‘fully reopen’ and that is what we intend to do.”

Baldwin adds that the last few semesters have been hard on UW faculty and staff, but especially hard on students. The University is hopeful this re-opening will be encouraging to students, and boost attendance and morale.

“Everybody is sort of longing for this, what you said was ‘normalcy’, we call it sort of what the ‘traditional semester’ has been like. That is what we want to have, that’s what we are planning to have this fall. Yes, we are very excited,” said Baldwin.

Although the University will not be enforcing students to be vaccinated, they are highly encouraging it, and even hopeful they can hold vaccine clinics in the future.

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