Rep. Cheney speaks ahead of President Biden’s address to Congress

Congresswoman Liz Cheney.
Congresswoman Liz Cheney.(Will Thomas)
Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 5:56 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Congresswoman Liz Cheney spoke to Wyoming reporters ahead of President Joe Biden’s address to Congress on Wednesday night. Beginning with criticisms of the Biden Administration’s policies on the border, environment and foreign policy.

“They’re enacting what is the most liberal agenda of any president certainly, I’d say, since LBJ and they’re doing it in a way that is just absolutely pushing partisan pieces of legislation across the board with no republican input.”

Cheney also spoke on the current moratorium on new oil and gas leases, saying it is a “heartless policy move” by the Biden Administration and could be devastating to Wyoming. She said she is currently working with Republicans and Democrats to fight the policies.

Cheney also criticized the spending packages that have been passed by Congress, saying Democrats have pushed spending items through the packages without bipartisan support.

“You also see time and time again Democrats thinking that every American ought to be dependent on the government for every aspect of their lives, and for us in Wyoming that isn’t how people operate, that isn’t what we believe in.”

Cheney said Wyoming needs to find ways to both protect the fossil fuel industry, and encourage technological advances in carbon capture and clean coal technology. She said the state also needs to find ways to diversify and grow its economy.

When it comes to re-election, Cheney is confident that she is the right person for the job.

“I am absolutely dedicated and committed to winning my primary and earning the votes of the people of Wyoming both in the primary and the general election. I think that it’s a critical time for Wyoming, it’s a critical time to make sure that we have the strongest person in Washington fighting on behalf of our values, fighting on behalf of our energy industry, our agriculture industry, our families.”

When asked what role former President Donald Trump should have in the Republican party, Cheney said now needs to be a time of unity in the party and for looking ahead to taking back the House, Senate and White House in the coming years.

“I think what you will see tonight, what you will see going forward is a real unity among the Republicans, including the Republicans in the House, on substance and on issues, and I really think that’s important. We have to look towards, and we all are looking towards, 2022 and to do that you’ve got to be able to present people with a set of policies, and an understanding of what we will do with the majority, and how we’re different from the radical policies you’re seeing from the left. We have to return to being a party of ideas, and substance, and policy, give people hope, and also convey that people can trust us, they can count on us, that we’re the party of responsible, confident conservative leadership.”

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