Fremont County farmer offering storage to keep commodities locally grown and sold

Published: Apr. 27, 2021 at 12:52 AM CDT
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

You’ve heard of storage units for your personal items, but what about renting a storage unit for your grain, beans, or corn? A Fremont County farmer has started providing just that, and hopes it will encourage more people to keep their harvest local.

When pandemic shutdowns frustrated the food chain, this local farmer saw it as a call to action, and just last week had enough silos delivered that he can now store up to 70 semi truck loads worth of grain or other commodities.

Owner of Sorensen Farms, Aaron Sorensen stated, “Most companies in bigger cities store grain by the bushel, but they store it mostly just for the farmer, and we’re looking to store it for the consumer and just hold it for a rainy day.”

Sorensen Farms also plans to sell some product and expects to have red and white wheat, many varieties of dried beans, and corn.

“There’s people that don’t want to always buy their bag of chicken food and they want to buy some corn and some wheat and do that themselves, people that want to become more self reliant,” added Sorensen.

Sorensen Farms says their main motivation is to be able to have locally grown and sold commodities that are available to Fremont County as well as all Wyoming residents. “Industry standards are going more to knowing where their stuff was growing and being able to track it from the field to wherever they’re packaging it and selling it,” noted Sorensen.

He noted that shelves clear out pretty quickly at local grocery stores when trucks aren’t able to come in, and wants to give people another option. “What we really want to do is have it available for people that want a peace of mind to know that when Wal-Mart gets shut down, if they wanted some extra whatever (it is), we want to make it so that we’ve spent the money for storage so that you pay us for storing it, and it’s made available when you need it,” added Sorensen.

For more information or to contact Sorensen Farms directly, you can call (307)-709-2375 or reach them by email at

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