Prep Athlete of the Week: Alexia Lucero

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 12:57 AM CDT
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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - No matter how long or short someone’s athletic career is, there are moments they will never forget.

That could be their first or last touchdown catch, baseball hit, or in the case of Wyoming News Now’s Prep Athlete of the Week, her first varsity soccer goal.

On Friday, Laramie Sophomore Alexia Lucero lined up for a set piece free kick opportunity from about 35 yards away from the net.

Alexia’s strike was true and it served as the game-winner in a 1-0 Laramie win over Campbell County.

“The whole team just came and hugged me and it just felt so good to hear everyone cheering and just knowing that we had the goal, now we just had to keep it and then we ended up winning,” said Alexia Lucero.

Alexia and her coach have plenty to look forward to, both in their first season with Laramie Girls Soccer.

From a coaches point of view, there are likely few players that are better suited to grow a relationship with than Alexia, because she is known for being coachable and also staying after practice to continue working on her craft.

“Lexi’s been great,” said Laramie Girls Soccer Head Coach Justine Tydings when asked about Alexia Lucero. “She’s the do anything, can do anything type of player that is a coach’s dream. You ask her to do one thing and she goes out there does that exact thing.”

Congratulations and keep up the good work to Alexia Lucero, Wyoming News Now Prep Athlete of the Week.

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