CWC installs air purification system to reduce air pollutants and viruses, including Covid

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 11:50 PM CDT
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FREMONT COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Central Wyoming College has used grants and cares funding to provide a safe reopening to welcome students, staff, and faculty back to campus.

It includes new furniture that can be effectively sanitized and a system to reduce airborne pollutants including Covid. Although the campus already had an air filtration system, the new system is actually purifying the air with negative and positive oxygen ions.

Wayne Robinson, Central Wyoming College Director of Physical Plant stated, “That’s one of the things that drew us to this product, it’s not just a solution for Coronavirus, it’s a solution that gets us to where we have the indoor air quality that we need going forward.”

State and federal grants and cares funding for their reopening process, helped make the installation possible.

Willie Noseep, Vice President of Administrative Services for Central Wyoming College stated, “We were very fortunate and thankful to Governor Gordon and staff for getting us this money, so that portion paid for the majority of the AtmosAir installation on campus.”

Microchem Laboratory, which tests sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA, found the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92 % in a contained space within 30 minutes of exposure to the purification system. This could take some strain off of staff who’ve been responsible for disinfecting more readily.

“What AtmosAir does, is it gives us an extra layer of protection so that helps to make it better not only for the custodial staff but also for the building maintenance staff,” noted Robinson.

The college hopes this will allow the return to in person classes and activities, be a safer one. “A lot of our classes were via zoom last semester and remote instruction so I think it’ll help alleviate some of the students concerns about coming back to campus,” added Noseep.

The college hopes to make the facilities safer, and staff and students to feel comfortable being on campus. “We’re excited that we’re going to provide that environment that’s hopefully as safe as possible and we’re ready to go for the fall and hopefully get back to normal,” Noseep said.

The AtmosAir bi-polar ionization says that since nature is constantly producing air ions to combat pollution, harnessing that same system indoors doesn’t come with any side effects.

AtmosAir gives the example that the air is stuffy before a thunderstorm and refreshing afterward, because lightning produces a high concentration of air ions which purify the air.

The same is true of mountains, waterfalls, and rain forest environments. In addition to making the air easier to breathe, AtmosAir claims to be able to disable viruses and bacteria through positive and negative ions.

Chief Technology Officer for AtmosAir Solutions explains, “It disrupts its reproductive ability. If you think about the images you’ve seen of the corona virus, it shows that ball with all the spikes around it. Those spikes are protein, and the ion, positive and negative ions, attach to that protein layer, they disrupt that, they destroy that protein shell.”  

AtmosAir said it works the same way if a home purification system is installed through your air system already in place, to reduce airborne contaminants.

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