Cold Front Set to Slice Temperatures in Half

April 5th, 2021
A cold front will be pushing through Wyoming Monday night into Tuesday, bringing rain showers...
A cold front will be pushing through Wyoming Monday night into Tuesday, bringing rain showers that shift into wintry mix and snow as low temperatures drop towards the freezing point. Strong breezes from the north will accompany the precipitation as well, adding a bite to the air.(KGWN)
Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 12:01 PM CDT
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Easter weekend was filled with unseasonably warm temperatures as much of Wyoming saw things heat up into the mid and upper 70s Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Things were perfect outside for Easter Egg Hunts as well as having cookouts with family members for the holiday. These warm conditions are carrying into the start of the new week, but they will go no further. A new pattern is set to move in as the first full week of April gets underway, bringing an end to the sunshine and heat train.

The ridge that build in over much of the US late last week is finally going to break down a bit, allowing a trough to move in beginning in the western US. This will generate a low pressure system over northwest Wyoming that will bring a cold front through the state, bringing temperatures back down below the average for this time of year. While last week and this weekend were nice, the Cowboy State is in desperate need of precipitation, particularly the middle region, where level 4 Extreme Drought conditions persist.

The cold front will move through tonight, and with it will initially come rain showers that will eventually become more widespread during the overnight hours. Higher elevations will quickly see this shift into snow, while other locations will see this either remain as a cold rain or shift into a wintry mix. The timing of the shift isn’t exactly known, though it will likely come in the early morning hours of Tuesday. Things will remain cool throughout Tuesday afternoon as temperatures only climb back up into the mid and upper 40s compared to the mid and upper 70s seen this weekend. Plenty of precipitation is expected in the northern and central parts of the state during the early parts of Tuesday, which models are thinking will be a very wet snow. With temperatures in the mid 40s however, it is reasonable to believe that a good portion of that could be a very cold rain. One thing is for sure, however: snow accumulations are not a concern regardless of what models say; the ground will be far to warm for anything to stick given the conditions we had over the weekend.

As Tuesday afternoon progresses, the low pressure will reform on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. This is when shower activity will begin to pickup in Southeast Wyoming. Likely beginning as rain, when temperatures fall overnight this will too likely shift into a wintry mix and a snow, beginning in higher elevations and cities like Laramie before eventually shifting in places like Cheyenne. With most locations seeing low temperatures Tuesday morning above freezing, however, accumulations are also not a concern for the region. Showers could last into Wednesday morning in places like Cheyenne, however the bulk of the activity looks to take place in Central and Northern Wyoming; the regions most desperate for drought relief.

One thing much of the state will experience as the cold front moves through is strong breezes coming from the north that quickly cool things down. The cold front coming through will be setting in motion a windy pattern for the middle of the week, with Wednesday mainly focused on the southeastern part of the state and then Thursday much more widespread. Sustained speeds on Tuesday will likely be in the 25-30 mph range before strengthening to 35-40 mph range Wednesday and Thursday.

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