The Gathering Bakery open for business in downtown Cheyenne

The Kentucky based bakery has begun it’s mission in being a communal hub for the Cheyenne area
TGB(The Gathering Bakery)
Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 7:14 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - When we checked the spot out late December and received word that they would be open for business in early January. Excitement reigned in throughout the city as many were curious as to what this new bakery had to offer.

Now, as we are in our last day of March. The Gathering Bakery is renovated and customers flow in and out during breakfast and lunchtime to have a little piece of home in the downtown area.

Deb Suratt, the owner of the bakery, initially opened the spot in Kentucky. With family living in the mountain west and her own experiences in the region. She had a desire from her success in Kentucky to expand to an area that she was not only familiar with, but knew her craft would be appreciated.

On 1722 Carey Ave. You can find your home away from home and delicious food, beverages and sweet-treats in this spot. However, the most important part is the message that is written all over the spot. “Comes Gather With Us”, this message says it all, and the idea of the Gathering Bakery is based on a small community that knows one another and is comfortable and familiar with it each other. According to Deb, it has been a little slow to get that moving, but they have still seen progress with just a little over 30-days under their belts.

When asked what were some of the highlighted moments since opening the store in Cheyenne. Deb responded, “Some of the highlights for me are definitely the people who are from Kentucky that come in here and introduce themselves to me.” She adds, “They have been following our story since we started the bakery and they come in pretty regularly.”

The Gathering Bakery will be participating in Cheyenne’s Restaurant Week starting April 4th. For there Premiere event, they are excited to show off their creative deals and expand their market. The bakery has yet to have it’s grand opening but is set to have it in the coming weeks. Until then, for those that are curious about the bakery, here is a statement from Deb that will surely paint the picture. “We consider ourselves a small batch bakery, which means when I bake something, I bake it just like I would for my personal family.”

With that comment alone, you know that you will receive homegrown food and desserts that will surely give you a feeling of home.

For more information on the spot, Check out their Facebook.

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