Eagle’s Hope met in their time of need

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 11:42 PM CDT
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Eagle’s Hope, the homeless transition shelter in Riverton has served the Riverton community, helping people get back up on their feet after hard times. But what about when the shelter experiences hard times? When the shelter recently found themselves in emergency need due to a water heater issue, the Riverton Elks saw the need, and met it with open arms.

“We had just lost a water heater and a sink and two people were without water,” recalled Eagle’s Hope Executive Director Michelle Widmayer.

The shelter lost several water heaters back in October, and thought all the issues were resolved, so when this came on the scene it only added to the stress. The club helping, alleviated some of that. “So that was a really emotional thing because you just constantly feel like there’s no getting above it,” noted Widmayer.

The Elks presented Eagle’s Hope with a $4,000 check on March 30th for the water heater as well as some much needed new supplies for the shelter including cleaning supplies, new bedding, pillows, and new bedframes.

“The guests that we serve, they don’t get brand new things, so the fact that they were going to get brand new bedding sets, brand new pillows, that’s a big deal, especially somebody who’s just coming in with the clothes on their back,” emphasized Widmayer who added how grateful she is for the Elks help in this time.

Barbette Hernandez, Wyoming State President of the Elks Association was delighted to present the check. “It was just fantastic to be able to do this and to help her and the Eagle’s Hope, the people up there. Our community needs Eagle’s Hope and the services they provide,” said Hernandez.

One of the people who’ve benefited from the shelter and the new bedding is a woman who recently was released from incarceration and had no place to go.

Stacia Potter, a resident at Eagle’s Hope stated, “I lost my husband due to suicide and my children in the process, so I kind of had a rough year, and if it wasn’t for Eagle’s Hope, I don’t know how I would be where I’m at now. I got a car, I have a job, I have a safe place to live.”

Stacia said she is so grateful to Eagle’s Hope and all the people who’ve been put in her life, and the brand new bedding was just the cherry on top.

“I pray a lot and the Lord has blessed me and I’m grateful to Him because every little thing I do and ask comes from Him to guide me in my steps. He puts those people in my life,” added Potter.

Eagle’s Hope said their next fund raiser for continued operations will be held online.

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