90th birthday celebrations included a police escort

Published: Mar. 30, 2021 at 11:39 PM CDT
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

A police officer’s day includes many unpleasant tasks but some officers in Fremont County got their day broken up from their duties by escorting a parade for a 90th birthday party.

In the birthday girl’s own words, she is just an ordinary woman, but on March 19th it was cause for friends, family, and community members to celebrate her 90th birthday with a small parade past her house, complete with police escorts.

Beatrice Morrow ‘Bea’ stated, “There was a police car in front and a police car in back for safety’s sake, which I am a safety freak about driving and people driving too fast down my street, but these people, they’d stop and wave, it was wonderful.”

Grandma Bea really wanted to say thank you to her family, as well as law enforcement for the celebration honks all day, and the parade past her house at night. “The police officers who were so kind to me and waved to me even through their cars, they did a good job keeping the traffic down,” added Morrow.

The whole party was unexpected, and much like someone from Bea’s generation, she didn’t imagine the need for such joyous festivities to be made all on account of her. She said, “I didn’t expect it at all, I’m just me, and I love you all, thank you.”

Grandma Bea said she doesn’t feel her age. “Probably about 68 or 69,” Morrow giggled.

When asked her advice to stay young it was to stay busy, and be kind to one another no matter what life throws your way. Morrow explained, “Bad things happen to me in my life and really bad, and yet I’ve managed that the Lord has taken care of me.”

Grandma Bea is thankful to all involved to make her 90th a true celebration. Riverton Police Department Sergeant Randy Foos provided parade escort and stated, “It’s definitely something unique and enjoyable to give back to the community. Anything we can do to give back to the community, we’re happy to do.”

“Riverton is a wonderful town, I’m real glad to be living here because I’ve had so many friends, and it’s just been a wonderful life really,” Morrow emphasized.

The Riverton Police Department hopes that going forward more of their day would consist of duties like these.

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