Cheyenne athletes stuck in Casper making the most of their time

After winning state championships on Saturday, it was expected to be staying in Casper, but nobody could have predicted they’d staying more than a day or two.
Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 6:17 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Winning a state championship is a moment people never forget, and it’s kind of hard to forget the time you got stuck in Casper after winning a state title.

State championship glory isn’t a feeling that fades fast. After hoisting the 4A state championship trophy, Cheyenne Central Senior Carter Lobatos said, “It’s not necessarily hard to believe, but it’s just kind of like a dream come true.”

As Cheyenne Central was celebrating completing its redemption tour and claiming a coveted state championship, the team knew it would be staying the night in Casper. It probably didn’t know its stay in Casper would be extended this long.

“It’s been fun definitely the last two days,” said Cheyenne Central Senior Brock Storebo. “I’m still kind of soaking it in with the boys and just spending as much time as we can together, but I think everyone’s in the same boat right now, and we want to go home.”

Junior Nathanial Talich said “after the pool” is when the honeymoon period wore off. “It was good Saturday night, and it was good Sunday morning until about 3 o’clock-ish, and then, it got boring,” said Talich.

Like Talich, some guys are tired of living in a hotel, but they’re also enjoying the time together.

“I’m just sick of sick of sleeping in a hotel bed. I want to go to sleep in my own bed, but it’s nice spending time with my teammates,” said Cheyenne Central Senior Lawson Lovering.

“I’m sick of being here, but we’re with the guys, so we’ll find fun with each each other,” said Cheyenne Central Senior Brady Storebo.

The parents, coaches and plenty of fans are also biding their time until they can get back on the road, and the hope is for everyone to be able to safely leave soon when I-25 South reopens.

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