Feet of Snow Expected over the Weekend

March 12th, 2021
Feet of snow are expected across much of Southeastern and Eastern Wyoming this weekend as a...
Feet of snow are expected across much of Southeastern and Eastern Wyoming this weekend as a strong Winter Storm impacts the state.(KGWN)
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 11:52 AM CST
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The potential for a massive winter storm this weekend has been discussed to death over the past few days, but it hasn’t hit yet and thus that potential still remains. Forecast totals are becoming more clear now with the main event only a day out. While showers are possible in parts of Wyoming through the afternoon and evening hours Friday heading into Saturday morning, the heaviest snow is projected to begin in Cheyenne Saturday morning and for Casper around Lunchtime Saturday afternoon.

The Capital City as of now looks to receive between 2 and 2 and a half feet of snow. The snow is projected to be wet and heavy thanks to winds out of the East and Northeast on Saturday at 20+ mph, adding moisture to the air as well as keeping temperatures warmer. Highs in Southeast Wyoming are expected to remain around the freezing point on Saturday and a bit below it on Sunday when winds shift to out of the north. On Sunday the winds are expected to be a good deal stronger as well, with Cheyenne likely to see sustained speeds over 35mph which is the blizzard threshold. Gusts are likely to be over 50 mph and could reach over 60 mph.

For Casper the temperature trend over the weekend is expected to be even warmer, reaching highs above the freezing point while snow continues to fall Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Saturday winds will be out of the northeast at over 20 mph, and on Sunday they will be out of the north with the potential for sustained speeds over 30 mph. Casper may avoid blizzard conditions, but the winds will still be strong and blowing snow is still a hazard. Casper looks to receive between 15 and 20 inches of snow over the weekend.

Low temperatures for both locations during the overnight hours will be in the low to mid 20s, with Casper maybe remaining a bit warmer Saturday night with a low in the upper 20s. Regardless this will be cold enough for wetter snow to ice over, presenting the danger of fallen power lines, trees, and icy roads that are extremely dangerous to travel on. Power outages are unfortunately possible in many locations this weekend to accompany the cold temperatures and icy roads. Snow drifts are also expected due to strong winds, even though blowing snow may not be as much of a danger because the snow will be wet and heavy. Expect both I-80 and I-25 to close this weekend as well with the amount of snow that is coming in.

Come Monday the sun is expected to return, and with temperatures above freezing the snow will begin to melt. It will take many days for the snow to completely melt, however there is still a good chance that somewhere like Cheyenne could see school in session on Monday even if 2+ feet of snow fall over the weekend.

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