WyoLotto prepares to launch new “2by2″ game on Sunday

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 1:41 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (PRESS RELEASE) - WyoLotto® CEO, Jon Clontz, announced today that a new kind of fun is coming to Wyoming—a daily draw game for $1! WyoLotto hosted a celebration for the launch of its newest game, 2by2®, through a virtual press event.

“We wanted to add a draw game that brings some variety to our portfolio, and 2by2 does just that! With it’s daily draws and easy way to play, we believe it’s going to be a fan favorite for Wyoming!” Clontz said.

“We want to be able to give back more to Wyoming, and expanding our portfolio is the best way we can do that. Since we launched, we have given more than $21 million directly to the State of Wyoming, and we are focused on giving back more,” Clontz said.

WyoLotto players will be able to purchase 2by2 tickets starting March 14 at 5 a.m. Players select two red balls and 2 white balls for each play. The game is $1 per play, and has a grand prize of $22,000 when all four numbers match. Other prizes include:

•$100 for matching three balls

•$3 for matching two balls

•Free play for matching one ball

Players can double their prizes by purchasing seven consecutive draws for $7, and any prize will be doubled if won on Tuesdays.

For more details on 2by2 game features and how to play, WyoLotto added a 2by2 play page to its website.

“Players now have a lottery game for every day of the week, and we really love this game because the overall odds are outstanding at one in 3.59!,” Clontz added.

WyoLotto is exploring what’s next for Wyoming players. “We hope to bring more games to Wyoming soon. We are always researching games like Keno and other draw games, and we can’t wait to add more fun to our portfolio!” Clontz said.

For more information about WyoLotto or to receive player updates and notifications about 2by2, Cowboy Draw®, Mega Millions®, Powerball®, and Lucky for Life®, visit or download the WyoLotto app for free today.

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