Goshen County man shares 106-year-old family diary on TikTok

Taylor Barnette came across his Great-Grandmother’s 106-year-old diary and decided to share it with the world through the popular app TikTok.
Taylor Barnette shares his great-grandmothers 106-year-old diary on Tiktok. His great-grandparents homesteaded Goshen County, Wyoming in 1898
Published: Mar. 6, 2021 at 10:05 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Taylor Barnette came across his Great-Grandmother’s 106-year-old diary and decided to share it with the world through the popular app TikTok.

Taylor’s family homesteaded a ranch in Goshen County, Wy in 1898. The diary starts in 1914 and is a five year journal.

According to Taylor it involves a lot of sadness and loneliness, which Taylor said he needed to highlight, showing depression and mental health issues have always been around.

“Wyoming has higher suicide rates, and other rural states, too, I’m really trying to highlight, that, these are not new issues. They are just talked about more now, but they aren’t new.” Taylor said. “Things have changed around us with technology, but feelings, human feelings and emotions haven’t changed much. And it’s very relatable to today.”

Taylor reads the journal entries while he showcases his family’s ranch, showing the beauty Wyoming has to offer. He reads them on the date of when they were written. His great-grandmother and great-grandfather are both the authors in this journal.

When he decided to share this history, he came up with the decision to be real. “I think on social media a lot of times, we see things that are just not real.” Taylor said, “They are fabricated, they’re airbrushed. So, I was just trying to show something, that this is real life and this still goes on today.”

Taylor has close to 119,000 followers on Tiktok with 1.3 million likes, this series which he has titled “106-year-old Homestead Diary” has even introduced them to new family members.

“I did find a cousin,” Taylor said. “We knew was out there, but he has this amazing Facebook page that has genealogy, old pictures that I haven’t seen before, so we have a family Facebook to share information.”

The series is a slow read, Taylor says, “it’s like life, some long days and some slow years.”

While Taylor journals already, he did purchase a five year journal like the one he reads. He says maybe in 100 years they can compare them.

He does say in 1918 his great-grandmother didn’t keep many entries because, he thinks, she was pregnant.

He told Wyoming News Now there are a lot of familiar names in the journal like Mr. Guernsey and that he has some of the same neighbors to this day.

“I love finding Wyoming people,” Taylor says about people finding his tiktok page, “this is a shared story. All of our ancestors have very similar backgrounds. This isn’t a special diary that was written by a celebrity or anything. These are ordinary people living a hard life out here.”

You can find him through his username @taylor.barnette on Tiktok

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