City of Cheyenne bringing Technology Advisory Council to the city

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 7:37 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - On Monday, during the regular meeting between the Mayor and the City of Cheyenne’s Councilman, approved of a resolution that will create a Technology Advisory Council. The council comes as a tool for the city to use as a voice to assist the city in developing it’s Tech Sector.

Over the past year, Cheyenne has become an appealing destination for tech companies that are seeing a startup, or relocation. With the growing potential in the technology field for Cheyenne. This comes as an opportunity as CEO of Array Eric Trowbridge would say “To become the fourth leg of the economy”.

Focusing on infrastructure and technological improvements pose an opportunity for the city in creating more well-paying jobs, and jobs in general. In addition, the bolstering of infrastructure will benefit businesses by increasing WiFi and Internet speeds which in turn, help businesses maximize productivity.

“Technology specifically, needs a council that is constantly in the loop and in the pulse of what’s happening and what other cities around the country and around the world about are doing to further their broadband internet access getting themselves ready for 5G deployment making sure fiber internet is available to as many businesses and residential folks as possible within a price range.”- Says Trowbridge.

Furthermore, Mayor Patrick Collins understands the potential of growth for Cheyenne within the tech industry. He states he is excited, and looks forward to getting this council together and welcoming the desired growth the city will benefit from. “We have a growing tech ecosystem starting to develop here in Cheyenne & Laramie County.” Collins adds, “What does that mean for us, getting a group together to help advise us on things we could be doing better, what are the best practices out there in the environment, how can we help build what’s going on and help grow the tech ecosystem.”

Mayor Collins says, he will be appointing members of this council within the next 30-days.

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