Wind River Rewind-a sustainable outdoor gear business coming to Lander

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 12:20 AM CST
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LANDER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

This Lander citizen is hoping to increase sustainability in the outdoor gear market, and is bringing her outdoor skills learned in Alaska, to Fremont County. Entrepreneur Amber McDaniel is starting a brand new business set to open in Lander in three weeks, and her goal is to give used outdoor gear, a new life and a new home.

“It makes it more accessible for people. Outdoor sports are super expensive, especially if you just want to try something out, and you have no idea if you’re going to hate it. You don’t want to drop like 500 plus dollars on a new gear setup for that,” mentioned Amber McDaniel, owner of Wind River Rewind, outdoor gear consignment store. Some of her inspiration and love for the outdoors and outdoor gear happened when she worked in Alaska at a used outdoor gear store that was owned by Dana Mad-Dog Drummond, a well known climber.

She said the outdoor gear industry has skyrocketed since last year, due to people wanting to gather outside more, so she’s bolstered in confidence by that fact. She said, “On one hand it’s obviously really scary to open a business right now with Covid, because you just don’t know, but I think what really inspired me to do it, is a lot of people are struggling financially right now. This is an opportunity to help people take a little bit of the burden off, and still get outside. We can’t gather inside like we used to, so people are turning to the outdoors.”

The outdoor enthusiast hopes to collaborate with other Lander businesses to provide an enriching experience for Lander citizens and passersby so they can get out and explore the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

The store will open March 4th, but they are currently accepting used outdoor gear of all kinds for consignment. She shared that even after people consign their items, they fully own them until they are sold, at which point they will receive a credit to their account. Even if you donate something that you later decide you’re not ready to part with, you can head back to the store and pick it up until the point at which it sells.

To get in contact with Amber or to consign items, you can visit her on Instagram @windriverrewind or at their website,

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