Senator Barrasso visited Lander Kiwanis Club during Senate recess

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 1:50 AM CST
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LANDER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

The Senate is on a state work period, and Senator Barrasso used his time today to visit Lander and speak with the Kiwanis club. He gave a speech, attended their luncheon meeting, and shared the reason for his visit.

“I wanted to visit with Kiwanis club about issues of corona virus and the goals of getting people back to work, keeping our kids safely and school, and getting the virus behind us,” stated Senator Barrasso. He said that has been the effort of the Wyoming Congressional Delegation, and as a new relief bill is being discussed, he wants it to focus on the virus, the vaccine, and the schools continuing to safely operate.

“Wyoming with regard to education and our students and our teachers did it right. A lot of places around the country did not. We’ve had a commitment by our teachers and the principals and the administrators in the schools, to everyone who works in the schools, to make sure our kids don’t fall further behind as a result of coronavirus,” added Senator Barrasso. He also mentioned how custodians are some of the true unsung heroes of the education system, in getting our kids back to school safely.

“I talked to one principal and I said ‘What do you attribute the success to?’ and he said it was the custodians.” He noted how it’s been a group effort to keep our school open. “Teachers make such a difference that we see in the lives of each of these students, but it’s everybody that works in the schools who’ve made it possible for Wyoming to stay high up on the list in terms of education. When we’re still hearing about schools around the country in some of the big states whether it’s New York, or Illinois, or California where they can’t even get back to school one day a week.”

Barrasso applauded all the service that Kiwanis does for youth, and said he will be headed back to Washington next week.

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