The New Week Will be Chilly - But not Nearly as Bad

February 15th, 2021
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Feb. 15, 2021 at 11:48 AM CST
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Late last week and over the weekend time outside for anyone was likely severely limited due to extreme cold temperatures outside. So cold that peak temperatures in the afternoon remained below the 0 degree mark, regardless of sun or clouds. That pattern is coming to an end as the 3rd full week of February begins. High temperatures for Monday afternoon are well above the 0 degree mark, with most locations in Wyoming topping off in the 20-30 degree range. Sunshine has also returned to start the week, however there will be many opportunities for snow showers throughout the week.

Beginning with Monday, a warming trend will start through Tuesday. Snow showers will be possible for most of us late Monday evening through the overnight hours into Tuesday morning. Temperatures Tuesday will get into the lower 30s for many during the afternoon, with some locations getting back above freezing. More isolated showers will be possible late Tuesday afternoon and into the overnight hours heading into Wednesday, which brings the highest chance of snow for the week as temperatures dip once again. This dip in temperatures will not be bad, however, as they will only fall back into the upper teens and lower 20s. Any snow that does fall this week will accumulate because of the cold, however thanks to the scattered nature of the showers nowhere should see anything significant.

Following Wednesday the trough that has kept much of the US quite cold over the past several days will finally begin to move out, beginning with the western half of the country. A small ridging pattern will build in ahead of the weekend, allowing some locations in Wyoming to see temperatures in excess of 40 degrees by Friday and potentially over the weekend as well. Another thing to note this week: not much wind is expected with the exception of Laramie until the weekend arrives, in which strong winds are expected for many on Saturday (which could change) and Sunday mainly for the southeastern portion of the state.

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