Casper Vet reminds the community to bring pets inside

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 6:22 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Dogs and cats might want to spend some time outside this week. It might not be that pleasant for their humans.

Dr. Angie O’Hearn, a Casper veterinarian, said some dogs can handle the cold and some can’t.“There are the thin coated dogs like pit bulls or chihuahuas or toy breed dogs that definitely can’t handle the cold,” O’Hearn said.

The below zero temperatures that are in the state this week can negatively affect animals if they are older or have conditions like arthritis or heart disease.“Their immune system isn’t 100 percent and so those animals might be more affected by the cold,” O’Hearn said.

Animals can get frostbite on their ears and pads of their paws. Leaving animals in the cold can be a risk for hypothermia.If animals want to get some fresh air, O’Hearn suggests watching their behavior for when they want to come in.

“If they stop and pick up their feet, start chewing at their feet or get hunched up and don’t want to play,” O’Hearn said.

She adds there are lots of outdoor shelter options for outdoor animals and to make sure they have access to water that isn’t frozen.

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