Cold Air Continues it’s Brutal Saga With Cheyenne Being the Lone Warm Survivor

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 1:59 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - High Wind Warning in effect until Tuesday @ 5p.m. for parts of Albany and Carbon Counties. Winter Weather Advisory in place for Sierra Madre and Snowy Range. In addition, a Wind Chill Advisory is in place until Thursday @ 11 a.m. for Sheridan region.

Tuesday morning: Snow has not been a factor in the morning forecast. However, cold air and light winds have been. Through the early morning stretches into around 11 a.m. Temperatures hit improved levels along the southern areas of Wyoming. Cheyenne, being the lone warm spot in the state with close to mid-40s by this time. In addition, we can see from the north down there is a split in the state of cold air, where these areas are in the single digits and negatives and won’t budge for the remainder of the day. Then the other lower half of the state, is seeing temperatures that are normal for an average winter day, 30s and above with Cheyenne being the anomaly of seeing 40s.

The rest of the afternoon: expect the current conditions to be more or less the same heading into the afternoon hours, winds will continue to be a force in Rawlings, Rock Springs and Laramie. Whereas light breezes will be felt throughout the state adding more chill to the already below single digit temperatures. Clouds will remain around Casper and much of the north. Then, there are chances of seeing isolated snow showers impacting the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range along with Sheridan and Buffalo.

Tonight: Expect another wave of cold to sweep through the state. Clouds will be clearing in some areas but will remain in the night sky for much of the state. Temperatures could hit even lower than they did Monday night for much of the Northern cities. This will lead to another brutally cold night in Wyoming. Winds look to only be a bit more than breezy in Rawlins, Rock Springs, and, Laramie tonight. However, a little bit of a breeze is enough to drop wind chills to very cold conditions.

Takeaways: The cold will remain, prepare, prepare, prepare. Fill up you gas tank as soon as possible, make sure you bring any of your pets indoors and for Farmers. Prepare to do the same with livestock and make proper preparations so crops, animals don’t get destroyed and harmed through the brutally cold temperatures. Heaters and layers are your friend during the night and in the coming days. Be sure to wear necessary and appropriate clothing when going about your daily lives later in the week.

Long Range: Snow looks to begin in much of the state Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. Potentially lasting throughout the weekend for much of the state giving us a new wave of a state wide snow event. Temperatures will plummet and stay there throughout the event, so freezing, travel hazards all are expected when snow starts to fall in quantities. Prepare and know before! Be safe out there!

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