A New Cool-Down is Set to Begin

February 3rd, 2021
Not a lot of snow is expected out of the cold front passing through Wyoming this afternoon, as...
Not a lot of snow is expected out of the cold front passing through Wyoming this afternoon, as nowhere outside of the northwestern corner is expecting more than 2 inches. Something to note, the numbers in the northwestern corner are not including snow that fell overnight or this morning.(KGWN)
Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 11:54 AM CST
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The warm conditions the past few days were welcomed by many across Wyoming, but the reality is it’s still winter and the warmth was not going to stick around long. Enter today’s cold front, which will begin the process of dropping temperatures around the state once again. For some locations the drop will be more significant than others, as southeast Wyoming will still be relatively warm this afternoon. Cheyenne is expected to see peak temperatures today in the mid to upper 50s before the cold front arrives, eventually dropping temperatures below 20 degrees tonight.

Today’s cold front is bringing snow with it as it marches across the state, however accumulations are limited pretty much everywhere with the exception of the far northwestern corner for a number of reasons. The primary reason is all the recent warmth, which has heated the ground. This will delay snow accumulations for a bit, though after repeated snowfall eventually it will begin to accumulate. The second reason is wind. There will be plenty of wind with this cold front, setting a windy tone for some areas for the rest of the week. More on that in a bit. The third limiting factor applies to the far southeastern corner of Wyoming, or more specifically Laramie County. The Laramie Mountain Range tends to limit snowfall in places like Cheyenne for systems that come in from the north, and today is no different. In terms of timing, Casper will likely begin to see snow during the lunchtime hours along with Douglas and Rawlins, and Laramie will be not too much later. Cheyenne however could see a small wave arrive during the early dinner time hours with more scattered showers possible into the overnight hours.

Now for the wind. For most locations seeing the stronger wind, such as Casper, Cheyenne, and Laramie, the wind will begin today from its typical direction (SW for Casper, W for Cheyenne and Laramie). Once the cold front moves through however, winds will shift to the north and northwest, still keeping their speed but adding a bitter chill as that arctic air is brought into the state. The wind will not stop after today, however. Thursday looks to be the windiest day of the week, pretty much universally out of the northwest. Cheyenne will likely see speeds in excess of 35 mph Thursday afternoon, likely being joined in that regard by Laramie. Casper will see some strong breezes that may top over 30 mph, but ultimately the strongest winds will remain in the southeastern corner of the state. Heading into Friday Casper should see the breezes overall calm down with a few stronger gusts here and there, however Cheyenne and Laramie will see the breezy pattern carry into the weekend. Sunday could potentially be very windy for the Capital City as well as Laramie, but only time will tell.

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