Powerful Cold Front to Arrive Tomorrow

February 2nd, 2021
A cold front will march southeast across Wyoming throughout the day Wednesday, bringing a line...
A cold front will march southeast across Wyoming throughout the day Wednesday, bringing a line of snow and some strong, chilly breezes from the north.(KGWN)
Published: Feb. 2, 2021 at 11:54 AM CST
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It is absolutely gorgeous outside today, and many locations across Wyoming will see temperatures of 50+ this afternoon. Enjoy it while it is here, because they will drop quickly tomorrow with the arrival of a cold front during the afternoon hours. Timing of arrival will vary depending on location: Northwest Wyoming will see it arrive during the morning hours, while the southeastern portion of the state will see it arrive during the evening. It will be moving fast however, and along with it will come some snow.

Snow amounts with this cold front will be limited by two things: the first is how warm it is outside today; this will require a bit of snowfall before the ground is cold enough for accumulation to begin. The second limiting factor is how fast the cold front will be moving. The entire line of snow will push through Wyoming before Thursday morning, so most places will not see snow for more than a few hours. Let’s start with Casper: arrival will likely be during the afternoon hours or the late lunchtime hours, with snow hanging around into the early overnight hours. Casper could see a few inches of accumulation out of this. As for Cheyenne, don’t expect arrival until the dinnertime hours tomorrow evening with snow hanging around until about midnight or shortly thereafter. Cheyenne will be limited by a third factor; the Laramie Mountain Range to the west. Cheyenne likely will not even pick up an inch of snow out of this, as highs in the 60s are expected in southeast Wyoming today and the upper 50s will be possible early on tomorrow ahead of the cold front.

Along with the snow, expect chilly winds with the cold front as well. Strong breezes are expected for many today, but the direction for now is west in Southeast Wyoming and Southwest in Central Wyoming. Once the front passes through, things will still be breezy (or windy for some), but with wind now out of the north wind chills will be bitter. Northerly winds will likely hang around through Thursday before westerly flow makes a brief return on Friday. Saturday will see northerly flow once again and is projected to be the coldest day of the week. This will also likely be accompanied by a more slowly moving system that could bring measurable snowfall to much of Wyoming.

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