Mayor Patrick Collins Reflects on First Month in Office

Cheyenne’s Newly Appointed Mayor’s Journey Has Only Begun As He Seeks to Continue His Mission in Bolstering Community Relations and Improving Community Safety
Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 11:27 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - With a smile that reaches from cheek to cheek, newly-elected Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says’s “I am really loving my first month! It’s been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot!” Mayor Collins exclaims, “I expected my first month to be a lot of people asking for meetings to meet the Mayor. So I spent a lot of my first month in introductory meetings in learning what people need from us. I have to say I really enjoyed those meetings.”

Mayor Collins has been consistent in what he thinks the kind of Mayor the city of Cheyenne needs, and the leader he envisions himself to be. His mission has been clear since the day he was announced the winner of the Mayoral election back in November of 2020. To be transparent and creating/maintaining strong connections with the community. Mayor Collins has also identified the notion that he must also take on the responsibility of making the tough decisions. One of those tough decisions came as the newly-elect Mayor decided a change in leadership was needed in Cheyenne’s public safety area. Letting go of Chief Kozak and Fire Chief Hoggatt back in early December of 2020.

In January, Collins was sworn into office along with new members of Cheyenne City Council. Collins’s first objective was to establish a solid foundation among the city council. The Mayor said they spent two nights together in outlining the goals they wished to accomplish. In addition, they identified issues within the city and agreed as a collective in working together in finding a resolution moving forward. Mayor Collins explained he wasn’t sure if it was done before or whether or not it was unconventional. Yet stated, “I think it is a little different than what was done in the past.” He adds, “However, I thought it was important for us to sit down and talk and we were able to accomplish that. We worked together and really set some goals we look to accomplish this year.”

For the month of February, Mayor Collins is focusing on commercial groups in the Cheyenne community. He aims to reach out to the business and building a community seeking improvements for those sectors to further benefit the city. In addition, after the unexpected fire that spurred up at the Hitching Post in January. Mayor Collins and the rest of the local government officials look to develop a plan for the desecrated area. “We are working a lot of hours right now trying to figure out the best solution to getting that (Hitching Post) cleaned up and remediated.” Collins adds, “We want to make it safe for the community, the surrounding buildings are contaminated with asbestos and is not safe for the public. This project will definitely be one you will see us working really hard on over the next few months.”

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