Warmth Continues to Start February

February 1st, 2021
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 11:46 AM CST
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It was a pleasant weekend overall around the Cowboy State. Temperatures did drop slightly from Friday into Saturday with a few isolated snow showers around the state, but it never got really chilly. And while the wind picked up in Cheyenne on Saturday, it never got all that bad with the gusts. Now more warmth is expected around the state through the first half of Wednesday as another ridging pattern has built in over the Western and Central US.

Temperatures around much of Wyoming Monday afternoon will range from the upper 40s into the mid and upper 50s. Southeast Wyoming will see the warmest conditions with Cheyenne topping off around 57 degrees. Casper will likely top off around 46, and the same goes for Laramie. Despite the warmth however, the trend is similar to the end of last week in that plenty of cloud cover is expected. High-level cirrus clouds are slowly moving north from Colorado, adding a thin layer of cloud cover over much of the state. The sun will still peek through in many areas, but unfortunately full-on sunny days have been hard to come by this winter season. The trend will continue through Wednesday, with Tuesday being the warmest day of the week. Temperatures in a few locations will crack the 60 degree mark tomorrow. After Tuesday however, the overall temperature trend will be downwards into the weekend.

A powerful cold front will push through Wyoming Wednesday afternoon and into the overnight hours, bringing snow along with it. Temperatures Wednesday afternoon will top off in the lower 40s for the northern half of the state, while for the southern half some lower 50s will still be possible. Winds will initially be out of the southwest and the west (depending on location), but once the cold front passes through these breezes will universally be out of the north or the north-northwest. This will allow the air to rapidly cool. Snow is expected with the cold front, pushing southward as it moves along. It will begin for the northern part of the state during the afternoon hours of Wednesday, making its way through Central Wyoming during the evening and into the southeastern part of the state during the late hours Wednesday and into Thursday morning. Expect measurable snowfall for many locations, though the amounts in Cheyenne will no doubt be limited by the presence of the Laramie Mountain Range to the west.

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