Fremont County March for Life draws 98 people between two cities

Published: Jan. 26, 2021 at 11:25 PM CST
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FREMONT COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

This Friday January 29th the national March for Life is taking place, virtually. Advocates across the country will meet to show support for the children who are not yet born. Meanwhile, on Saturday, January 23rd, between Lander and Riverton, 98 people showed up to the March for Life in Fremont County to stand up for the unborn.

“The root cause behind the whole event is we’re standing up for the lives of the pre-born. They don’t have a voice, obviously they can’t speak for themselves.” stated Public Information Officer Karl Falken who attended the Riverton march. Julie Fiebiger, a supporter of the march, stated, “We are here in faith to speak for our children, our babies. I want to bring about change for better by ending abortion.”

In the past, Falken has organized the March for Life in January and the Life Chain in October. He no longer organizes them, but still tries to help out when possible. “I was born and I have a life, so I’m using the life that I have to try to advocate for them so that they can also have life,” added Falken.

18 people attended the Riverton March for Life, and among the attendees were State Senator, district 26, Tim Salazar and State Representative, district 34, Pepper Ottman. “What a privilege it is to stand for the preborn,” Ottman noted. Also in attendance in Riverton was Marissa Selvig who is running for U.S. House of Representatives. “Decision makers in our community are also ordinary citizens, and they participate in these things for the right reasons and the right motivations and I’m glad to see them there as my friends and neighbors,” commented Falken.

The Riverton March for Life was organized by Jeff Schiefer, Grand Knight, of the Knights of Columbus council 3237 of Riverton. He said the Knights of Columbus at the state level had planned the same event for Cheyenne at the capitol building. Schiefer stated, “I’m generally not political, but I believe this is a good way to offer another point of view to the current administration’s stated position on abortion. I am pro-life and believe in the dignity of life. It is the responsibility of every individual to take a personal stand, not just against the evil of abortion, but for those who do not have a voice yet.”

80 attended in Lander, with the march starting at the corner of 10th & Main Street and continuing to Centennial Park at 2nd Street. The Lander Police Department supplied the group with an escort, so they could cross streets without issue. The participants were carrying signs, singing, praying and waving at passing motorists, according to the press release. The main organizers in Lander were Karen Wetzel and Lisa Sheehan. According to Wetzel, their motivation was “We want to help people to understand that abortion is wrong, it is taking a human life. Unfortunately, many people for various reasons do not have accurate information or a clear understanding about this. We especially want to let expectant mothers know there are other options and resources for them and their children that make life, including adoption, an option, and it is the loving option.”

Although the nationwide event will be virtual, a small number of pro-life advocates from across the country will march in Washington, DC this year. The ultimate goal is the same nationally as it is locally.

“The right to life and that’s a God-given right, a divine right and it shouldn’t be infringed in any way. The Scriptures tell us that these children are a precious gift from God because ultimately God is giving these individuals to us, each one is individual, they’re precious and unique,” stated Falken. “That’s my reward and the hope that the tragedy of abortion will be stopped and that these children can be born and live their lives,” emphasized Falken. Both events were orderly and peaceful, and brought about many waves and honks in support.

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