Pony Expresso expands into larger space, started serving coffee there yesterday

Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 11:38 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Another business in Riverton moved into a new building this week, Pony Expresso coffee was able to upgrade, and start serving people from their drive-thru yesterday. Many businesses found out the hard way last year, that having a drive thru window was essential to their survival. And that didn’t only apply to fast food, drive thru coffee was no exception.

Owner of Pony Expresso, Karley Trees, stated this about their drive-thru option: “It kept my employees employed for sure, our business did pick up because of that which we’re thankful, it was just luck I guess, more than anything,”

Although the drive through has been pivotal for Pony Expresso, the owner also likes to make sure she’s supporting other local dine-in options. “We for sure like to support all the other sit down restaurants; when they open, we go.” added Trees.

Karley purchased the old wagon wheel Pony Expresso in 1993, not even planning to run it as a coffee shop, but rather as a possible expansion to the pawn shop she already owned. When she first opened in the early 90′s she had two employees, and now has between 8 and 11, so the extra space is a favorite part.

Barista Ashtyn Ladd said she enjoys the consistent comfortable temperatures in the new building, among other reasons. “I’ve been here for a little over a year and a half, and it’s a lot nicer. It’s just nice to walk without bumping into each other every two seconds now,” joked Ladd.

Trees decided two years ago it was time to expand and build a new structure, and planned on starting construction last March, but it was delayed, partly to a shipment of materials from back east. The long wait has made the move even sweeter.

“It feels really good, I think the girls are happy with it, and that’s my main goal, is for my workers,” added Trees. Employees are pleased with the change to offer the drive-thru service with more elbow room. New employee, Marie Gomez is delighted to be at the new building. She said, “That there’s more space, we’re not all crammed in a tiny little area, we can dance around if we want to!”

Customers still get a rewards point for each visit, and the points transferred along to the new location.

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