11 First Day Hikes across Wyoming State Parks today

Sinks Canyon sees warmer temps and fewer hikers in organized hike
Published: Jan. 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM CST
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LANDER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Eleven different first day hikes were held today across Wyoming at state parks, an easy way to get some vitamin D and exercise, to boot.

On New Years Day, a lot of people are busy thinking about getting their exercise routines in place, while some others were already out getting active at state parks across the nation, and all across Wyoming.

Sinks Canyon State Park Superintendent, Jamie Simonson, stated “This is our sixth year of doing the first day hike, this came from Cheyenne, it’s done nationally. Wyoming State Parks and cultural resources wanted to get involved in this, we thought it was such a great idea to get people outdoors doing something fun on the first day of the year.”

The majority, like Boysen and Curt Gowdy State Parks offered an easy to moderate, one to two mile hike, whereas Guernsey State Park’s hike was three and a half miles, and the Buffalo Bill State Park led a four mile hike.

“I’m all charged up and ready to go, and it’s always fun to get out and meet people, and just get out and show everybody what Sinks Canyon has to offer. We’re just so lucky to have this state park so close to Lander and Riverton,” added Simonson.

Exercise isn’t the only reason for people to join in on the hike, some people travelled the distance to enjoy the scenery. A young lady who attended the Sinks Canyon State Park First Day Hike shared her favorite part about the outdoor adventure. “Probably the view, I like to see different species of birds,” noted Kambri Simonson, who enjoyed the hike with her dad.

Sinks Canyon has hosted the hike since 2015, and today was very mild, pleasant weather for all outdoorsy people to enjoy, but that hasn’t always been the case. In 2015 it was a much different story.

“I’m sure it was like 30 below zero, so everybody was bundled up. We probably had 12 or 13 brave souls, and we hiked through. 2018 we had about 32 inches of fresh snow on New Year’s Eve. We had fresh snow and we broke trail with our snow shoes and just had a blast, it was so fun,” added Superintendent Simonson.

Sinks Canyon clocked in at 30 degrees for the hike today, much warmer than some previous years, but only seven people attended the hike. However, many people were taking part in their own trail traversing, and didn’t necessarily take part in the state advertised hike.

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