Winds to Pick Up Again Mid-Week

December 29th, 2020
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 11:58 AM CST
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The final decent snow of 2020 has passed, and now things will look to warm up a bit as we finish off the crazy year that was 2020. Some parts of Wyoming could see a little more snow before the year’s end, however that will not be until New Year’s Eve on Thursday. Between now and then, the sunshine is returning to the Cowboy State to attempt to warm things up. Wyoming however loves to follow up every bout of winter weather with a round of wind. There is some good news with this however, and that is that the winds shouldn’t be anything to crazy.

Yesterday in Cheyenne the winds were blowing at a steady rate from the southeast, bringing in warm and moist air to fuel the snowstorm. The snow fell near horizontal all evening, and thus it was driven into the ground and into small snow drifts. Recording measurements of how much snow was received in the Capital City will be challenging. Those winds today will be blowing at a similar rate if not a bit stronger, only this time out of the northwest. Wind speeds for Cheyenne this afternoon are anticipated to be over 20mph sustained with gusts into the mid 30mph range. Blowing snow will be commonplace around the city. The wind chill however will be bitter thanks to the change in direction. Instead of the air being warm and moist, it is now cold and dry being pulled in from Canada. These winds should taper off over night.

Casper shouldn’t see winds as strong as Cheyenne today, however being from the west-northwest there will still be quite a chill with them. Casper wills see the typical strong southwest breezes resume tomorrow under sunny skies, and blowing snow will be possible with them as well. Casper will also have a higher chance for snow on New Year’s Eve than Cheyenne with the next system arriving from the west. The Laramie Mountains will keep most of the snow away from the Capital City. It is unknown at this time how much snow Casper will get on Thursday, however it likely will not be more than a couple of inches. The next system does not look very strong. Once that passes, things will warm up into the first weekend of the new year.

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