Timing of Next Snowstorm is Becoming More Clear

December 9th, 2020
The next snow will arrive in Wyoming during the overnight hours Thursday into Friday morning....
The next snow will arrive in Wyoming during the overnight hours Thursday into Friday morning. The system being so far southeast should prevent the Cowboy State from getting buried.(KGWN)
Published: Dec. 9, 2020 at 12:26 PM CST
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The end of the sunshine train has arrived for Wyoming, with today being the warmest day of the week under sunny skies. The winds will shift from the southwest to the north during the overnight hours tonight heading into tomorrow morning, allowing things to cool off. High temperatures tomorrow will be slightly more than half of what they are today for several locations ahead of the arrival of the next snowstorm, and the first one we have seen in the past few weeks.

While timing is not 100% yet, models seem to be agreeing on a late night arrival tomorrow into a very early arrival Friday morning, well before the sunrise in places like Cheyenne. This could get delayed by a couple of hours, however by the time the sun rises Friday morning it will be snowing in the Capital City. Things are a bit less sure in Casper however, as the amount of snow the middle of Wyoming will see is up in the air along with the time of arrival. Casper does have a good chance of seeing snow with this, however accumulations for the city have varied widely between models, ranging between half an inch to over 3 inches. I personally do not believe Casper will see very much in accumulations at all; the dynamics of the system are too far to the southeast over Colorado and towards Oklahoma.

In terms of accumulations, expect more than the last snow in early December in Cheyenne. Models right now seem to be hovering in the 2-4 inch range for the Capital City, however the ground will be decently cold by arrival thanks to a cold Thursday. This will allow accumulation to begin likely after an hour of snowfall. Another big factor that models likely cannot account for is the fact that this is a La Niña winter. La Niña tends to enhance systems as they move through a region, however there also tend to be less of them. The latter of those has most certainly been true, as it has been a very mild fall across much of Wyoming. And the former is true so far to a degree as well, especially when it comes to the snowstorm in late October that slammed Cheyenne. Model numbers for that one were no higher than 8 inches, yet the city saw 15. Do not be surprised if this one overachieves as well and Cheyenne sees 6 inches. Another storm like the one in October is not on deck, however, for the same reason that Casper likely will not see much at all: the center of the system is just too far southeast. Colorado will take the brunt of the storm, with locations such as Denver likely to see 6+ inches.

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