Restaurant coalition formed for uniform health measures--mayor in support

Published: Dec. 3, 2020 at 12:53 AM CST
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RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Restaurants owners have felt the pressure of trying to keep their doors open. Riverton restaurant owners banded together to make a unified decision about their businesses.

When Riverton restaurant owners desired to make their patrons feel safe, while also allowing them the freedom to make their own choices, a coalition was formed, and is now backed by the mayor.

Riverton Mayor Richard Gard stated, “I think we need to be kind of conscious as political leaders. Lots of times we make a mandate, but we don’t realize how far it goes and how many people it affects.”

Amanda Henry, owner of Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery added, “All of us restaurant owners got together, talked about what we’re doing to keep our customers safe, what we’re doing to keep our staff safe, what we’re doing to keep ourselves sane, and everybody was doing the same thing. The restaurant industry’s already under certain guidelines on what to clean and how to clean.”

The restaurants are going to post on their doors the protocols they’re following for increased cleaning, sanitizing, and masking procedures so patrons know right away the safety measures they’re implementing.

“We’re not encouraging anybody to break any state rules or anything else, and to be real frank, our police officers are very busy doing regular police work and we don’t have the facilities to put people in, we don’t have the facilities to start the fight over masks between two individuals. Everybody wants a mandate for this or a mandate for that, we just need to concentrate on having people do their very best, and help their neighbors and help themselves to be well,” mentioned Mayor Gard.

“The Bill of Rights give us as individuals rights, so if you’re not comfortable going into an establishment, I suggest to you that you don’t go in,” noted Mayor Gard.

The meeting among Riverton restaurant owners to unify their procedures was held last week, and Mayor Gard was invited. All restaurant owners at the meeting were in agreement with one another about their protocols going forward.

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