High Pressure Pattern to Build In

December 3rd, 2020
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Dec. 3, 2020 at 11:55 AM CST
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So much for the cold start to December. There wasn’t much snow at all to kick off the month, and most of it has already melted as temperatures are once again warming back up. Our next snow chance isn’t until late next week, and as of now that looks to be very underwhelming as well. Over the summer a La Niña pattern strengthened, and that typically leads to warmer and mild winters for Wyoming and much of the western US. A lot of this is dependent on how the jet stream sets up on typical days during the fall and winter months, however it is a little too early to tell if this winter will end up being a cold one. This fall was most certainly filled with its fair share of temperature swings, which are characteristic of a La Niña. However there has not been much rain or snow to go with that.

Again things will be warming up over the weekend as the overall mild and dry trend continues. The jet stream is setting up in a nice ridge pattern, which results in high pressure and nice conditions for the areas that it influences. And this one looks to stick around for awhile; as of now it is predicted to hang around for a week. So for the next week, Wyoming has very slim chances of precipitation as sunshine dominates the forecast. Temperatures look to peak early next week: for most of us that will be Tuesday. Only come next Thursday do temperatures begin to noticeably drop again and precipitation chances go up. At this moment however models aren’t calling for more than an inch of snow for places in Eastern and Central Wyoming.

Drought conditions around the state got really bad this summer, and while conditions have been worsening at a slower rate now that things have cooled off, the conditions are still bad and are not going to reverse without some significant wet snowfall. We had one large storm back in October in Cheyenne that brought 15 inches to the city, however that snow was more dry and powdery. The snow we had in early November was a bit more wet and icy, and while it is more dangerous to drive in, it is more helpful in trying to alleviate drought conditions. As of now the arrival of the next large snowstorm remains unknown, and the mild and dry trend is expected to continue.

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