The Wind is Back and Snow is Coming

November 30th, 2020
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 12:06 PM CST
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The end of November has arrived, and the month is ending on a warm note. The temperature trend has been a rollercoaster as of late, with one day highs being in the 50s and the next highs being in the 30s. That trend has been with us for over a week, but it comes to an end today at the top of a hill in the 50s. Things are looking really nice across Wyoming to finish off November with the exception of one thing: the wind. Strong winds have returned to the state, especially for Eastern and Central Wyoming. Sustained speeds between 25 and 30 mph are expected this afternoon with gusts between 40 and 50 mph, however the skies will remain sunny for our Monday.

Overnight tonight clouds will build in, making it hard for us to see the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that we have tonight. To go with those clouds snow chances ramp up overnight as well for the northern and central parts of the state. These will be scattered snow showers, and a few rounds of them are expected. The first will move through overnight, arriving to places like Casper and Buffalo before the sunrise. These will make their way to southeast Wyoming to places like Laramie and Cheyenne as the sun rises and shortly thereafter tomorrow morning, as the second round sets up off to the northwest. This one is expected to arrive in Casper by lunchtime, and then arrive in Cheyenne during the dinnertime hours. Finally, a 3rd round is expected on Wednesday, however this one looks more isolated, dropping the chances of some locations to see it. Casper has a good chance to be hit by this, however Cheyenne’s chances are notably lower. Expected totals are 1-2″ in Cheyenne, and 2-3″ in Laramie and Casper. It’s not a lot of snow, however it will likely be enough when combined with the wind to shut down I-80 west of Cheyenne.

A few rounds of snow showers are expected beginning tonight through Wednesday and they could...
A few rounds of snow showers are expected beginning tonight through Wednesday and they could bring a few inches to parts of Wyoming.(KGWN)

As for that wind, on Tuesday conditions will calm in the middle of the state. However the eastern counties in Wyoming will continue to see sustained speeds of 25-30 mph with gusts between 40 and 50 mph, only this time they will be a lot colder coming from the north. These winds could lead to some issues on I-80, as early on Tuesday they will still be quite strong in the middle of the state as well as the Medicine Bow region. Blowing snow will be a hazard along I-80 and will reduce visibility, and there is most certainly a chance for a Light High-Profile closure as well. Don’t be surprised by a full closure west of Cheyenne either; even a couple of inches of snow creates hazardous conditions on I-80 through the Summit as well as the Elk Mountain region.

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