Comea Shelter proudly prepares to open its “Journey Center”

Comea Shelter's "Journey Center" Tuesday morning.
Comea Shelter's "Journey Center" Tuesday morning.(Will Thomas)
Published: Nov. 17, 2020 at 6:26 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Comea Shelter has always wanted to purchase the building next door, but when it became available, it did not have the money to purchase it. At a 2019 fundraiser, an anonymous donor wanted to change that.

The Journey Center’s main purpose is to give families in need a more at home experience, instead of having them in the traditional shelter. Now at the end of October, a TV show crew called “The Fixers” came in. With the help of past Comea Shelter residents and the Cheyenne community, they completely transformed the building into the Journey Center.

“The fixers program told us that in all the 19 shows they’ve filmed so far, Cheyenne had the greatest outpouring of community support. Kind of makes me speechless, I knew Cheyenne was generous because they’ve shown us that for years, but to see it all done in that one weeks time, it was crazy. People just have been so, so generous,” said Comea Shelter executive director, Robin Bocanegra.

Bocanegra said they’ve always helped families in need, but have been trying to find better ways to do it. She said the Journey Center gives them that opportunity.

“It’s just gonna be such a different atmosphere. Those children will be able to play freely and not worry about disrupting another adult that they don’t know, and they can go to bed at night with mom and dad in the same room, and feel safe, and comfortable that their families together,” said Bocanegra.

Bocanegra said if everything goes to plan this week, they will have their first family move in on Monday Nov. 23.

The Journey Center will have a minimum of four family rooms, shared kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry, showers and an outdoor playground. The families will also be provided food, shelter, clothing, lease management, employee assistance, medical and mental health services, children’s services and financial resources to help get them to a new home.

For more information on the Journey Center, you can head to Comea Shelter’s website here, or call the shelter at (307)-632-3174 and ask for the Journey Center.

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