East High School students honor veterans at American Legion Post Six

Cheyenne East High School student and ROTC member, Izabella Moore, holds up the American Flag...
Cheyenne East High School student and ROTC member, Izabella Moore, holds up the American Flag her class put together for Veterans Day.(Will Thomas)
Published: Nov. 11, 2020 at 6:23 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Each year, East High School students work on a project together to honor those who served. Usually the students make cards and drop them off at the Cheyenne VA. Due to COVID-19 concerns, that did not happen this year. But the American Legion Post Six offered to host the students and the tradition continued Wednesday morning.

“This is for the Vets for Veterans Day who have risked their lives protecting this country and its freedom,” said East High School student, Jason Lyon.

“It’s actually amazing to actually be a part of something and do something with a group, especially to put it out there for everybody to see,” said East High School student, Allison Irwin.

“Kids are very patriotic, I wouldn’t say every single one of them but I think that every one of them gets an opportunity to understand the sacrifice that our military has made for us. We’re really trying to get kids to understand that they really owe a debt of gratitude to our military men and women,” said East High School Art Teacher, Dave Rowswell.

The students made an American flag that said “Thank You Vets” across it. They then attached balloons to it and watched it rise, while another student played TAPS. For one veteran, he said it’s a great honor to see how much the younger generations appreciate the U.S. military.

“It’s a great honor to myself and most veterans of my age because we came from war time periods where we weren’t really accepted as heroes as they are now today. The younger generation has embraced our military people and are giving them the due respect,” said American Legion Department of Wyoming department service officer, Dwight Null.

Almost every person at the event had some kind of involvement with the U.S. military and each had a different reason as to why Veterans Day was special to them.

“It means celebrating the people who have served in the military or in anything," said East High School student, Izabella Moore.

“I do have a lot of family in the military and I do have a lot of veterans in my family so today is a special day," said Irwin.

“It’s a very important day just to remember what the armed services are for and what everybody has given as their part, whether it was a one time service or a lifetime,” said Null.

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