Special Response Team of the Riverton Police Department utilized tactical combat care training this week

Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 11:21 PM CST
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FREMONT COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Tactical combat care was the point of training for a special forces team in Riverton this week. The Special Response team is a unit within the Riverton police force that receives additional training to ensure they have all the tools they need for when the need arises.

Special Response Team member, Officer Tadewald stated, “My goal for being on the team is, I know it sounds cliche, but to better myself with training, and to become a better officer so I can help my fellow officers while on regular shift because we carry what we learn in SRT over to our regular shifts. We also side train the other guys that aren’t on the SRT Team, we help them out in scenarios as well.”

The team has been in place since the early 1990′s, and has been deployed twice this year. They are deployed for missions involving hostages, barricades, high risk apprehensions, high risk warrants, and active gunmen.

Special Response Team member Sergeant Fyler described the training she helped lead, “It was basically care under fire, so in a situation where an officer or somebody is injured and we’re receiving hostile fire toward us, we still need to be able to make sure that people are ok, and that we can give them the best level of care possible.”

The team is deployed around Fremont County as needed, and is partnered with Natrona County SWAT for additional support. Within the SRT team are a group of people trained in negotiations. Sergeant Fyler added, “People think that SRT is just the people that go into the houses, but our negotiation team is part of our SRT Team, so we try to include them on training.”

Officer Tadewald said that in order to be on the team, one must submit a request letter to their supervisor, and go through trainings including a physical test. He said, “It’s more strenuous than the PT test that they do at the academy, we do it in full gear with our weapons and everything we carry while on a call out, so it’s roughly 40 pounds of gear."

The team will continue receiving training to assist the community in the event of a hostile situation.

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