Pleasant Conditions to Continue into the Weekend

October 29th, 2020
Drought conditions around Wyoming didn't improve much even after the snowstorm this past...
Drought conditions around Wyoming didn't improve much even after the snowstorm this past weekend. With sunshine dominating the forecast for the next week, conditions will likely continue to worsen.(KGWN)
Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 12:00 PM CDT
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Yesterday we turned the corner on warming up this week as temperatures around the state climbed above 40 degrees. In Cheyenne, that coupled with a whole bunch of sunshine allowed us to see a decent amount of snow melt. That trend is continuing today as temperatures around the state now climb over the 50 degree mark. In a place like Cheyenne, the melting of the snow leading up to Halloween is a good thing: it’ll make walking around in the dark easier for children who are trick-or-treating, especially those ones in costumes that are hard to see out of. The warmer conditions expected this weekend also mean that anyone with outdoor plans related to Halloween should be good to go, especially given the recent spike in Covid-19 cases around the state.

Sunny weather is expected for the next week across the state, which is going to bring us well above average conditions to start off November next week. In fact, it’s looking like Election Day on Tuesday may be the warmest day in the near future, so that works out well for anyone with last minute Election Day plans. There is one downside to all of the sunshine however, and that is drought conditions. Even after the snowstorm this weekend, conditions didn’t improve much around the state. In fact, they were nearly identical to last week. With little to no precipitation expected across Wyoming over the next week, these will likely worsen, especially once all the snow has melted. Casper will have breezy conditions pretty much every day going forward for the next week as well, with the one exception being Halloween. Strong winds are expected for a large portion of the state Friday night leading into Halloween, however they are expected to calm down as Saturday morning arrives. It’s shaping up to be a really nice weekend, which is fantastic given the amount of events going on around the state for Halloween.

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