More Snow Coming this Weekend

October 23rd, 2020
The Opening to Weather Segments
The Opening to Weather Segments(KGWN)
Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 12:05 PM CDT
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With the passing of the first system Thursday evening, the stage is now set for the second, larger system that will impact Wyoming over the weekend. With the cold weather now already in place ahead of the second storm, few things are going to limit the overall accumulations that it will bring. On the contrary, when it is warm outside ahead of one of these systems, it usually takes a few hours of good snowfall before anything actually starts to accumulate. This is because of warmer ground temperatures, which melt the snow until they reach the freezing point. After this first system passed, some locations are heading into the weekend after setting record low temperatures for Thursday Night. Casper absolutely shattered the previous low, which was 11 degrees. This morning the city saw a low of 0 degrees.

Before the next storm arrives Saturday, temperatures will make an attempt to rebound. For Friday, however, a temperature “rebound” is only getting locations to about the freezing point for the highs during the afternoon. So the ground will remain right around freezing heading into Saturday. Early Saturday however some places could see temperatures climb back into the 50s. There isn’t 100% certainty on the timing of the storm yet, however its beginning to look like the northernmost parts of the state will start seeing snow during the lunchtime hours with Central Wyoming beginning to see it around dinner time. Cheyenne likely won’t see snow until the overnight hours into Sunday. Cheyenne also has a high in the mid 50s for Saturday. The conditions will not hang out there, however. It will be a brief warmup for the Capital City before northerly winds bring more of that arctic air in, rapidly cooling things off ahead of the snow. The snow is expected overnight and through much of Sunday in Cheyenne, meanwhile for Casper its expected to last through the overnight hours before tapering off in the morning.

As for snow totals...there’s still a lot in the air about this one in terms of timing and how long it lasts. Cheyenne more than likely will see totals somewhere in the 4-6″ range with Casper likely in the 3-5″ range. Even with conditions set for almost immediate snow accumulation, the Laramie mountains love to limit the amount of snow Cheyenne receives when it comes from the north. Additionally there’s uncertainty as to how long the snow keeps falling on Sunday. It is possible that totals could be higher for Cheyenne, however that seems unlikely. For Casper the mountains are not a limiting factor, however the duration of snow looks to be a good deal less than what Cheyenne will be seeing. Accumulations should begin a bit sooner in the WyoCity thanks to a high in the low 40s early on Saturday. Strong winds from the north will also pack the snow in for both locations, which will reduce snow totals. When the snow is all said and done, temperatures will be absolutely frigid and more record lows for Sunday night are likely to fall.

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