Design Code Amended for Historical Buildings in Cheyenne

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 10:35 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - This week, a design code has been amended by the Cheyenne City Council for historical buildings. The Historic Preservation Board believe this will streamline and improve the process immensely. Board Member Mark Christensen says everyone is going to like the changes and that includes developers too.

“We truly think that this process is going to be improved from the developers stand point. They are going to be able to approach the board with conceptual idea and kind of vet these ideas through the board before they really put in those big dollars on getting engineer drawings and that sort of thing”

Previously, all applications were required to have a complete design plan including all the processes to get a valid building permit. Cheyenne Planning and Development Director Charles Bloom says it would take weeks.

“Basically, you had to have 100% design. So, if you are doing a new building... you would have to have a full design and it would have to be submitted for a building permit - that’s kind of risky for the developer. So, what we did was we made sure we had amendments put in place that if someone had a concept and they wanted to get preliminary approval, they could go directly to the Historic Preservation Board with the concept so the Historic Preservation Board could look at it and see if that concept was appropriate for the neighborhood.”

Currently, there is a vacant lot available behind the Governor’s Mansion that is available for development. The board members say this land will be included in the amendment along with the rest of the protective overlay that encompasses the blocks surrounding the Historic Governor’s Mansions.

Board Member Milward Simpson says these are minor changes but he is positive they will benefit the entire city of Cheyenne.

“The minor changes to the ordinance will render the process more effective and efficient for any property owner that perhaps wants to make a change to their building if it’s with in the protective area, or any developer that wants to come benefit Cheyenne by doing some development in the vacant lot. They will have the opportunity to understand that ordinance and to have a chance to comply with those historic design guidelines before they get too far in the process.”

The original Governor’s Mansion Protective Overlay was passed in 2004 and requires all design and construction to the area be in harmony with the Historic Governor’s Mansion.

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