Cheyenne Mayor welcomes independent presidential candidate on 60th anniversary of JFK visit

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 6:52 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - 60 years ago John F. Kennedy was campaigning for President of the United States and stopped in Cheyenne. Wednesday, independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce did the same.

“I thought how wonderful to certainly welcome any presidential candidate to our city,” said Cheyenne Mayor, Marian Orr.

Pierce said he’s honored to be in Wyoming and just like women’s suffrage, our state is a leader in many categories including one he’s very familiar with, cryptocurrency.

“Wyoming leading the nation in innovation around technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency. I am so honored and so grateful to be here, and be able to connect with everyone helping to lead the way,” said Pierce.

Pierce said he can summarize why he’s running in one word: love.

“It feels like it’s time for some real change, it feels like it’s time for some visionary leadership that can unify this nation and help find a path forward for all of us. I believe this country was intended to be the light of the world and that light is dimming, but we can light it back up again,” said Pierce.

Mayor Orr complimented Pierce on his nonpartisan approach, and believes that’s how she served while in office.

“Potholes and street repairs, they’re nonpartisan, and so you’re working for your citizenship, and I just really appreciated what the candidate Brock Pierce had to say about that as far as just working for America. Not necessarily red or blue, but for the country as a whole,” said Orr.

For Pierce, he doesn’t expect to win the general election but winning a few states would make his campaign successful.

“We’ve been tricked into believing that we have to vote for red or blue, let’s wake up and realize that we are the majority, and we can do whatever we want to do,” said Pierce.

Pierce is on the ballot in 16 states including Wyoming and hopes to be a write-in for all others. For more information on Brock’s campaign, you can visit his website here.

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