Best tasting beef in Wyoming announced at Rendezvous Beef Roundup in Riverton

Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 10:08 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

The Rendezvous Beef Roundup was held in Riverton at the end of August, and through a blind tasting, meat producers around the state were judged as to who has the best tasting New York Strip. It was held at CWC, and put together by a myriad of people, but mainly organized my Tyler and Angela McCann.

And the winner of the Rendezvous Beef Roundup, and in turn, the best tasting beef in Wyoming was determined to be Wyoming Legacy Meats from Cody.

“We started a program where we were supplying our own meat, and we would follow the animal through from conception to consumption through our meat plant and to our retail store,” noted owner of Wyoming Legacy Meats Frank Schmidt.

The Schmidt’s have owned Wyoming Legacy Meats since Spring 2016, and employ 22 people at their processing plant in Cody. Frank said what probably sets him apart from some other producers are that he doesn’t use antibiotics or hormones on the cattle. Another unique element the business includes, mostly for tenderness and flavor, is dry aging the meat.

“Angus, and then we have an Angus-Wagyu cross that we’re providing, so we get really good marbling in the meat. Then we do something that very few people do. Since the start of our process, we’ve been aging the meat a minimum of two weeks. And upon customer request, we’ll age it for 40 days,” mentioned Schmidt.

Frank wanted to thank everyone who put on the Rendezvous Beef Roundup and said that by joining forces with other meat producers in the state, we can make a sizable impact on what people think of Wyoming beef.

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