Wyoming mom becomes author with her first book, written, illustrated, and published by her

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 11:35 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

This Wyoming mom decided it was time to share her story through a book, even though she hadn’t written one before.

Have you ever considered if you could create your own business online from scratch? One Wyoming mom of two did exactly that. She wrote and published her first children’s book, and is now selling it around the world, online.

“This is actually my first book, and I’m currently working on three other books, one is a collaboration with another advocate,” noted author Holly Miller.

Even though Miller enjoyed taking art and writing classes in college, she is just now being established as an author and artist. However, that hasn’t limited her customers much, as she has sold books to people in all states except for eight.

“And there’s been a really strong support internationally, so I’ve shipped a lot of books to Canada, Australia, as well as England, Ireland, and Kuwait,” mentioned Miller. But stardom and money weren’t her motivation for embarking on this journey, for her the topic hits a little closer to home.

“Our daughter had an adverse reaction, so we did a lot of research and decided to have her be vaccine free, a decision that we didn’t come to lightly,” emphasized Miller. Although some would steer clear of controversial topics, this mom and author thought the importance of it outweighed the fear of criticism.

Miller read from an excerpt of her children’s book: “Our parents have good reasons they chose what they did. Some of us were injured after one shot or a few. Some lost loved ones. Some parents trusted their gut and learned of the risks. Some found out about the poison and DNA contained in the shots. Once they were informed, they knew what to do, give your parents a hug and say thank you. They are working so hard protecting you. Always remember we cannot spread germs we do not have because we are not sick.”

Miller noted that public speaking isn’t her forte, and opted to share her “why” by reading a portion of the back of her book.

“This book is written for all caregivers who are making informed decisions for their children. This book is written so that vaccine free children do not feel isolated and discriminated against. Showing that vaccine free kids are safe, loved, and healthy was the purpose of my book. It is a book that shows we cannot share what we do not have,” wrote Miller.

For more information about the author and her book, visit her website at

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